Hi Terry. I will answer some of the questions that pertain to hardware and
how Bay Pointe might help an end user with 3000 hardware needs.

We currently have (9) e3000 N4000 servers in stock.

1) "Refurbish 3000's legally without HP" - We sell complete e3000 N4000
servers as well as all the other classic parts such as memory, disk, I/O cards
etc. These are all legal servers or HP labeled product. We can and do, transfer
the HP SLT if an end user desires to have HP support.

2) "Convert 9000 to 3000 and 3000 to 9000" - My opinion is that HP would not
do at this point. You can not purchase a MPE/iX LTU for a 3000 server so I
doubt HP will be converting a 9000 to a 3000. Again, my opinion. Not sureif
HP still offers this but NEVER convert a 3000 to a 9000. If you converted a
e3000 N4000 to a HP 9000 N4000, you would have a 4 year old N4000 that HP
no longer makes. You are better off buying state of the art 9000 equipment
and using your 3000 as a trade-in or selling to a dealer like Bay Pointe.

3) Buying a N4000 e3000" - Bay Pointe will transfer the MPE/iX through HP's
SLT department when purchasing an e3000 N4000. This would allow an end
user to get HP support. I am not sure how one transfers SUSAN numbers.
Only a HP CE can change a SUSAN number. Work with your local HP CE.

4 & 7) "HP Parts for e3000's" - It is my opinion that there will be plenty of
working servers and parts for the e3000 N4000 for a long time, easily 5 more
years if not longer. There are parts available now and there are more end
users still doing migrations. Servers and parts will be available for a long time.

8) "Safely move HP3000's" - I know that Bay Pointe would be willing to offer
this service as well as other firms. Do you need to have servers in place at
the other facility while you are moving your data center? Lots of questions
stem from this one question but with proper planning, I am sure it can work.
We have rented servers to an end user that moved his data center.

Everybody have a Happy Thanksgiving. Take time to remember the ones you
love and the blessings you have during this holiday season.

Bob Sigworth
Bay Pointe Technology
800-746-1420 ext. 235

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