I wanted to thank Dale_pepoon, for his relevant answer, which I read a
little later, due to the fact that I am not used listserv format of
delivering mails.

On Mon, 19 Nov 2007 10:41:43 -0500, Dale Pepoon

>The answer to question 1 is that it is working properly. The Packed
>datatype puts a digit in each nibble. P8 can hold 15 digits. The
>remaining nibble holds the sign.
>This packed type displays with an over punch on the least significant
>digit. This over punch shows the digit and the sign. The left { is a
>positive zero, the right } is negative zero.
>Letters A - I are Positive 1- 9 and J - R are negative 1-9.
>Try putting 1234561 it should show 123456A
>Try putting -1234561 it should show 123456J

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