The post questions below were posted to the MANMAN list, and only Ron Seybold responded. I thought I'd cross-post them here, and see if this group would like to comment.
I'll cross post reponses to the MANMAN list.

Terry W. Simpkins
Director ISIT
Measurement Specialties

I received a message from Deborah Lester at Korry (a long-time MANMAN/MPE user) with a list of questions about the future. She asked me to post it on this list. We¢ve answered most of these questions for Deborah over the last five years, but facts and opinions vary as we may soon see from your responses. In light of this week¢s hp3000NewsWire articles about HP Support and OpenMPE¢s letter and HP¢s response (you should subscribe, but you can see some of the content at ), I think these are timely topics for discussion. It¢s her own wording, but I did reorganize their order.

I expect vendors to answer some of these (several questions are directed specifically to HP and INFOR), but anyone with opinions or follow-up question please participate.

1. Does any vendor refurbish HP3000s legally without HP? What does this entail and how do we know those vendors from other vendors? Will others emerge?

2. Has anyone had a business case for HP to convert an HP9000 into an HP3000? What does it entail and how long does it take? Does anybody have a firm commitment from HP to create a HP3000 from a HP9000?

3. When buying a n HP3000, how do you transfer SUSAN numbers legally?

4. How should parts and entire HP3000 systems be stored if stockpiled? What ration of parts will be functional after being stored for 6/12/28/24 months? What will be the level of workability for parts and systems after 2008?

5. Will MPE emulators emerge? Will Infor allow emulators or have any control over what machine we run MANMAN on?

6. Will new drivers be available or emerge?

7. What will be the HP3000 inventory after 2008?

8. How do we safely move our HP3000s to a new facility?

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