got it right finally!

As Pitman said, a leading + sign did the trick. This may seem very simpleto
you, but I spent 8+ hours trying sweet talk with query :-)


WM-WO-NO =>>+6028160
LM-LOC-NO =>>0001

is the right way to enter a P8 value[for future beginners]

Bunch of thanks to all ( Especially Roy,Pitman) You guys Rock

Will come here often

Answer to Raghu's suggstion about Suprtool is,
I am working at cleint place by dialing in a long distance call, where they
have only image and expired adager. Anyhow I will look into the option of
suportool is it will solve the mysery a lot.

Good night all

>Misunderstood a bit.
>R all shows the { or } sign chars for zero, A for +1 etc,but when you are

adding, changing data, you should key a leading + or minus, not use the {,
} A for +1 etc. If changing a field, you need to enclose in " ".
>NOTE THAT IF you do a report and specify detail fields, if you don't supply

a sign spec in the edit patterns, negative signs can be omitted and mislead you.

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