BTW: have anyone tested the battery drain on
a 203MHz/ overclocked 50G / 49g+

"Dieter" wrote in message
> Veli-Pekka Nousiainen wrote:
>> I mean >100mA or what?

> "high" or "low" drain usually refers to a load relative to the battery's
> capacity. A common value is a load > 1 CA, i.e. the battery's capacity
> divided by 1 hour. Example: 1500 mAh battery => 1500 mA load.
> Some figures: a high power flashgun (e.g. Metz 45-series) is able to
> draw more than 10 Amperes from a decent NiCd-battery-pack for a short
> moment right after the flash is fired. AC-adaptors for digital cameras
> are usually rated for currents around 2 Amperes. Finally you might want
> ask someone who's building RC-cars and similar stuff about what he would
> consider a "high drain" application - he probably will add another zero
> to the previous figures. Yes, *left* of the decimal point. <8)
> In other words: if the battery is able to run a device longer than about
> one hour, it's not a "high drain" device. <8)
> Dieter