On Fri, 20 Apr 2007 06:35:09 -0500:

> I finally had a chance to connect [50G] to a PC via a serial
> port (actually via a USB-to-serial adapter. DUHHHH!) It works OK up
> to 115200 baud, and uses the standard CONN4X program supplied by HP.
> Bottom line, so far: Passes all function tests with the PC...

Good to know that Conn4x using serial port thru USB adapter to PC
works equally well as Conn4x using USB directly

The reason I had asked about amount of data is that
the HP48 series had implemented "flow control" using XON/XOFF characters,
so that "data overrun" could be prevented during "user" mode programming
with XMIT and SRECV, using buffers of any length; "flow control" ability
was said to have been removed in the HP49G and all subsequent calculators,
which has been said to prevent some user programs from functioning properly
(had you mentioned using some programs of your own?), although it doesn't
bother the built-in Kermit (96-char packets and no "sliding windows"),
and apparently not even XModem-1K, which still limits the amount of data
transmitted before an acknowledgement permits the next transmission
from the other side.

If anyone has to be prepared to receive continuous data from a device
which can't be "gated" to supply data at a limited rate,
then absence of flow-control would seem to be a potential problem.

Hope that the alarms wake up the 50G in time to catch the satellite
[could it be that there's merely an undocumented "snooze" feature
kicking in, that needs extra programming to turn off?]

-[ ]-