Hi group.
Asking again some help to better understand the basic principles of
In RPLMAN they say:

>>>In the most general definition of RPL, I is an object pointer
>>>pointing to a composite object that is the top of a stack of
>>>composite objects called the runstream.
>>>R points to the rest of the runstream stack.

What is really meant by *the rest of the runstream* ?
Is R pointing to the object right after the one pointed by I?
Is R pointing to the rest of the stack *as a whole* (how's it
Anything else I didn't catch?

>>>In practical implementations, this definition is streamlined by
>>>allowing I to point to any object embedded in a composite, while R
>>>is a location pointer pointing to the top of a stack of object
>>>pointers, each of which points to an embedded object

R is pointing to the TOS of obj pointers each one pointing to an
object *in the same composite* we were talking about when describing

Thank you for your patience and for your most welcomer feedbacks.
Best regards.