For those of you who don't read the 3000 NewsWire Blog (shame on you)
here is an extract from today's post:

"At the Technology Forum, Bandle also announced that a Samba porting
paper will be released to the community during 2007. HP will release the
paper, which includes general information that will help port other open
source solutions, within this calendar year."

Only a maximum of 15 weeks and 4 days to wait .


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perhaps if hp could step-up the effort to get the porting white paper
released, getting the new version of onto mpe wouldn't seem
so daunting. - d

ps, if anyone from hp is listening, if joseph left any documentation
regarding python on mpe it would be useful to make that available.

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Subject: [HP3000-L] Python on MPE/iX

Python is available on MPE/iX but is version 1.5.1 and according to it's
page on Jazz only works on iX 5.5 and 6.0 which is not much help if your
on 6.5 or higher. I have tried to contact Joseph Koshy who did the 1.5.1
port, to get some details of the effort required, but he no longer works
at HP Bangalore.

If anybody looked into porting a newer version of Python to the e3000
and then decided not to go ahead, would you be willing to let me know
why (you may mail me offlist and if required I promise not pass on your

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