The first thing to check is if your TZ (time zone) variable is set correctly. Do
a SHOWVAR TZ and see what you get. If the variable is undefined then it needs to
be defined. You should get something like:


Your systems TZTAB.LIB.SYS file could also be incorrect or corrupted. HP put out
two updates to this file at the start of 2007. It's simple to replace and does
not require a reboot.

Others on the list can get specific about this: at some point in the past the
calendar intrinsics were changed, requiring the use of the TZ variable for
correct calculations. If the TZ variable is not set you can get unexpected

This may not be the cause of the problem you're experiencing but it would be the
first things I'd check.

Quoting Chuck Barr :

> DBCALENDAR is giving 1907 for a 2007 year.
> It is not happening in all programs, just the one that I just modified.
> I am new at this school and do not have any history of prior bugs.
> Is there a control file that DbCALENDAR uses for the Century?
> Thanks,
> Chuck Barr

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