I'm available to do contact work for migrations, development or support of
existing application. I have a very diverse background with the HP3000 and
other platforms(Unix, Windows.) . Multiple computer languages such as:
Cobol, Fortran Pascal and Java and I've worked in development, marketing
pre-sales and post-sales all in a software engineering capacity. Also, our
ADBC developers Kit ,license fees and support would be free of charge for
any company using my consulting services. For those who don't know what ADBC
is, it is a fully compliant and registered implementation of the Adager
Database Connectivity technology that was developed, implemented and
marketed since 1996 by me. It consist of a complete set of Java classes
(API) to access IMAGE, Flat Files, message files, spool files, ksam files
and subprograms from any local or remote system that supports Java (Windows,
Unix. MPE.). The big differentiator from other solutions is we followed the
Adager - ADBC technology guidelines of a non-SQL ,native intrinsic,
high-performing API to access IMAGE, but we extended it to other files and
subprograms as well, using the same guidelines.

Agencies and Vendors ok for corp-to-corp sub-contract work.

ADBC is a registered trademark of Adager Corporation. All rights Reserved.


David A. Thatcher
Advanced Network Systems, LLC
Mobile: +1 908 303-4027
ANS USA: +1 908 638-3330
USA Fax: +1 908 638-3331
Skype: advnetsys

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