On Wed, 4 Oct 2006 14:01:28 -0400, Brice Yokem wrote:

>Surprise, I have to strongly disagree.
>dump all politicians and start fresh.
>1st rule: you have to pass common sense test.
>However very troubling is, that some of this is known since 1995 and
>seemed to care.
>And these people shall we trust and believe !!!!!!
>Won't work Michael. The problem is the system itself, too much power
>concentrated in one place breeds corruption. It gets too complex to
>police properly and too many deals are made.
>I heard Congress described as a pack of wolves, they all stick together
>to common purpose, but when one breaks a leg, the rest eat him.


it does. Break a couple more legs and in the end, there is only 1 left.
So, were is this huge democracy? And this should be exported to other
countries. Why?
Or even be an example of how other countries should be run? WHY?


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