On Wed, 4 Oct 2006 14:42:08 +0000, J Dolliver wrote:


>So -- dump the pages? Come now. Let's just dump the Republicans.

Surprise, I have to strongly disagree.
dump all politicians and start fresh.

1st rule: you have to pass common sense test.

However very troubling is, that some of this is known since 1995 and nobo
seemed to care.
And these people shall we trust and believe !!!!!!


In 1995, male House pages were warned to steer clear of a freshman
Republican from Florida, who was already learning the names of the
teenagers, dashing off notes, letters and e-mails to them, and asking the
to join him for ice cream, according to a former page

Matt Schmitz, a former page whose younger brother also was a page, said:
certainly warned my little brother, who was a page last year. A few of th
members are a little friendlier to the pages."

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