Deny's says:
> Well let me see now, the environmentalist movement has so far
> killed between 10 and 30 million people, downed two space
> shuttles and their astronauts and severely damaged our
> forests, among many similar accomplishments. To paraphrase
> Dr. Bill on TV, how's that working out for us?

Don't beat me up, it's hearsay: I vaguely recall someone telling me the
subcontractor to Morton-Thiokol that actually made the O-rings for the
Challenger was an HP3000 shop. Wonder what the Routings and Bill of
Material was like?

> One could start believing that the ultimate plan to save the
> planet is to kill off all the people.
> Denys

Das ist der New Vurld Order final zolution, ja?

Tracy Johnson
Measurement Specialties, Inc.



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