I just recently purchased an older HP 3560a analyzer. I have used
these for previous employers in the early 90's. The DOS based software
that comes with the analyzer is designed to extract, view and convert
the data files on the analyzer. The problem is that they don't seem to
function under a DOS window in Windows XP. Can anyone verify this for
me? I can see the analyzer trying to communicate through Hyper-
terminal in windows, but the DOS-based programs can't seem to
communicate with the analyzer.

Does anyone know of updated software routines to access older HP-based
analyzers? This particular analyzer I have does not have an internal
floppy drive, only memory. So, I really need the ability to
communicate with it through an RS-232 port.

Does anyone know some kind of settings I have to provide in Windows XP
in order to make these older DOS routines function properly?