Nice guess, but I've never worked for a major computer OEM. Built a lot
myself. Serviced thousands as a small VAR. Worked for on of the old-time
BUNCH which tried in vain to compete with IBM in the mainframe business. Spent
a stint as a working member of the computer trade press and learned a lot while
doing so.

But you are right. Tracking a repair accurately through the process is very
important, whether I do it or a large repair facility does it. Tracking is just
as important as the tracking through the original assembly itself... Ben Myers

On Sat, 31 Mar 2007 19:47:50 -0500, Dan Caron wrote:

>Ben Myers wrote:
>> "served anywhere"???? Check and double-check the Ohio laws for small claims.
>> Served anywhere in the state where HP has an office, you mean? Think about it.
>> Your state courts have jurisdiction only within the borders of the state of
>> Ohio. How are they going to serve a court notice to someone with an
>> out-of-state address and make it stick? If a notice served in state is
>> ignored, the defendant loses on default, and the court can issue a notice for
>> the sheriff to repossess tangible assets of the defendant.
>> Consider a Dell business-class notebook, Latitude or Precision. They are
>> generally better made than the Inspiron. Dell service is really quite good.
>> I've had 48-hour turnaround on one repair shipped back to Dell, done almost
>> perfectly. Spare parts arrive quickly from Dell. Dell's on-site service is
>> mediocre, like everyone else's. ALL the name brands depend on contract service
>> companies, who don't hire first-rate service techs, for on-site work.
>> I don't know what to say about Thinkpads, now that Lenovo bought the brand from
>> IBM. Thinkpads used to be world-class in all respects. Toshiba and Sony are
>> not as well regarded for service... Ben Myers
>> On Thu, 29 Mar 2007 05:19:37 -0400, "Lisa" <> wrote:

>To Ben Myers:
>I suspect that you work for, or have worked for, one of the larger
>OEM's. I just want to set the record straight on something you said.
>Although some OEM's may substitute one unit for another in the repair
>cycle, the OEM that I work for would never do anything of the sort.
>Tracking a computer through the repair process is very, and I mean VERY,
>high on the priority list in the repair facility I work in. Making sure
>that the customer receives their own computer is of the highest
>importance. I will not say which OEM I work for, but let's say it is in
>the top four in the US. I would hope that the other three OEMs ahead of
>us would not be guilty of such shenanigans.