My HP cp1160 suddenly and without any warning, will not work. It was working
two hours ago and now, nothing.

The display will NOT LIGHT UP and the whole machine seems to be "dead in the

I have checked the power "in" wire and am receiving the correct voltage at
the plug into the back of the machine. The wire connecting the printer to
the back of the computer is connected correctly. All my other peripherals
and other electronics fed from the same outlets are working properly. I have
had no power surges which might have upset something.

I do not understand why the whole thing should suddenly go completely dead,
as if all the plugs have been pulled out.

Is there any kind of fuse somewhere in the machine which might have blown?
Or has it finally reached its designed life expectancy and now I have to
throw it out?

Any suggestions will be most gratefully received.

Thank you.