I have a question about the HP settlement. I tried contacting the
Settlement Administrator as indicated on the website but got nowhere.
Perhaps someone here can answer this question.

When filling out the relief form (which I've already done and
submitted) it asks which types of relief you want. For me, there were
three options and I could select all of them if I wanted. On the last
option it basically stated that if you didn't recieve your PC models
recovery CD-ROMs or Pre-installed software enabling them to create
recovery CDs on a re-writable CD drive, that they would send free
recovery CD-ROMs. What specifically are they talking about? What are
the names of these CD-ROMs? One of them is called a Recovery Console
(or similar) right? But what are the rest that they're talking about?

The form asks you to swear that you've never received any of these
CD-ROMs before. HP is supposed to check that against their records
before they send anything out. However, I previously received one of
the CD-ROMs but not the rest. So I was stuck as to what I should do. If
I didn't check the box then I wouldn't get the disks I don't have and
may need in the future. But now I've set myself up for possible
problems. The way they did that was stupid. When I called the contact
numbers, no one could answer the question as to whether I should check
the box or not. After some 37 minutes of being put on hold and
transferred around I ended up hanging up. I emailed them but never
received a response before the deadline.

This stupid crap really ticks me off.