Hi folks,
I am fairly new to WinXp, but have decent pc skills. I bought a new pc from
HP a few mo. ago.
To say I have been losing my sanity here is somewhat of an understatement.
PC I bought was a
customized HP A1030E (AMD64 CPU). I have 1 Gig on bd memory a GForce 5500FX
video card,
a SB sound card.

I have not installed a lot of s/w yet. Prob. is that when I play
Preinstalled games from Wildtangent.com,
specifically the Blasterball games the screen (video) actually blanks out
for a sec. It comes right back up
w/the game paused. I resume the game and usually continue w/o further probs.

We have replaced the monitor 2x, done a Non Destructive restore And a
Destructive restore. w/o success.
HP is now sending me a video card to see if that takes care of the prob.

In all my yrs of owning pc's I have never seen anything like this. I can not
tell if there is a h/w prob. or a s/w conflict.
PC Doctor comes up clean, the Trend Micro Spywar s/w seems ok, Search&
Destroy seems to find nothing. Norton also
seems ok.

W/the destructive restore I did a b/u first, so at least I didn't lose
everything. W/the pc in stock load the games run fine.
But once I load s/w it seems to fail. Thing is there seems to be no set amt.
of time before the failure. It could be 5 min., it could be 15-20 mins.

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreaciated.