And if you are going to tell me it "auto-senses", well it does not. I have
a link light on the switch to the printer. But the printer only shows the
port of BNC and the I/O card not ready. (this from the config sheet I

"ng_reader" wrote in message
> The card is installed, and gives me a link lite on my hub, but the printer
> only sees the BNC connection and won't get an IP.
> Does anyone know how to configure the J2552A internal print server for the
> LaserJet 4 line of printers to work on a twisted pair network?
> I *think* I can assign an IP address to the card itself, but it will NEVER
> find a network off the Co-Ax connection, so why bother?
> I did spend some time on HP's website, and I bet I could pay for support,
> but free chat support was making me crazy trying to find it, IF it exists.
> -Mr. Poor.