I need some help in implimenting RAID on my system.

system consist of: HP Visualize X class dual 866 MHz. 1GB RAM, WinNT 4.0,
service pack 6, 6GB IDE drive and LSI Logic SYM21040 adapter, of which two
SCSI drives are attached

The BIOS aparently knows about the two SCSI disk attached to the LSI Logic
SYM21040 Host Adapter. but "My Computer" or any programs/utilities does not
show them existing. My research on implimenting RAID on this system alway
seems to mention the HP Nextreme CD-ROM of which I obviously does not have.

Question 1:
Where can I acquire this Nextreme CD-ROM or the RAID utilities on it
Question 2:
If this is not available, what other options is there to impliment RAID on
this system.

Any help is appreciated.


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