I had extensive discussions with HP about this in September 2004, and
it was unresolved. I had a long email exchange with someone who could
barely speak English and would not read more than the first line of
any email. Eventually it got escalated to someone else at HP who has
highly critical of the preceeding communications, but after a bit they
stopped replying.

Basically, when scanning multiple pages to a PDF, the software fails
to write the file, with an obscure error window popping up.

It works OK under Windows 98, but fails under various Windows 2000
installations I've tried.

There is a "fix" for this known bug on the HP website but it doesn't
fix it.

I have a need to scan a lot of pages, simply by laying the scanner
down and pressing the Scan button on the scanner, with the scans going

a) a single multi-page PDF, or

b) individual TIFF files, auto numbered from a specified starting

Thank you for any info.

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