Hello together,

I made a BIG mistake in flushing my HP Pavillion k375 BIOS. The board
comes originally from MSI (type: MS-6785), so I tried a new BIOS
version from Medion v1.9. It did not work (IÄll keep it short and

Additional problem: I did not make a backup of the old bios (I am an
idiot, I know this very well ...).

However, now my question is: Where can I get the original BIOS to
re-flush it? I found it nowhere, not at MSI, not at Medion and neither
on the HP site. MSI refuses to help ("OEM-ware, ask your vendor"), HP
doesnt answer requests.

Has anybody thos BIOS running? (Perhaps one could make me a copy) or
does know, where to get it?