2 years ago I bought an HP Scanjet 4570c scanner and a Photosmart 7350
printer. Both installed and worked with no problems on my old custom built
Windows 98 PC. Last month a bought a new HP Pavilion a1010n PC and installed
both scanner and printer on it. Printer works properly, but scanner will not
interface with the HP Director software. It only functions in a primitive
manner with the wizard connection (i.e., it will only scan a picture, and
will not allow me to changes settings, to use the slide copier adapter,
etc.) Error message pops up: "An unexpected internal error has occurred.
Click OK to close the program, and then try one of the following:
-Restart the program.
-Restart the PC and then try again.
-Reinstall the HP Photo & Imaging Software and try again."
I have done each of these many times,to no avail. I have "chatted" online
with an HP representative 4 times in the past 8 weeks, and every time they
say that this is a known problem and that the engineers are working on a
patch for it. The patch supposedly will be e-mailed to me when available.
One time it was to have come in a week; next time it was still being
"researched" and would definitely be resolved in a few days; last time agent
said she would personally stay on it and e-mail it to me as soon as
Anyone have similar experiences (troubles)? Any suggestions? I'm really
getting tired of the delay.
Btw, the Scanjet works just fine when installed on my HP Pavilion laptop
that I bought in December.