I am using Win2K/SP4 NTFS, and the most recent drivers from the HP
site. The PSC 750 connects to my Dell Inspiron 8000 laptop via the
USB (I've tried both USB ports). I ensured that I used the registry
scrubber accompanying the drivers in uninstalling and reinstalling. I
also made sure that all nonessential startup apps and services were
not running during uninstall & reinstall. I can print test pages from
the director and initiate copying. When I try to initiate scanning, I
get "Preparing to scan" message window, and the hard disk spins
forever. The HP Director is still responsive, though e.g. I can still
initiate a successful copy, even though the "Preparing to scan"
doesn't ever go away.

If I close the Director and the HP icon in the system tray, I can see
from the Task Manager that the "Preparing to Scan" message window is
an executable Hposcv07.exe (it is the only HP process). The strange
thing is that if I open up an app e.g. Kodak's Imaging, I can pull
down the File menu and successfully choose a scan -- the HP Image
Viewer comes up. By toggling some GUI buttons on the Image Viewer, I
can see from the Task Manager it also corresponds to Hposcv07.exe.
Unfortunately, I can only send the scanned image back to the parent
app, Kodak Imaging; I cannot Save-As from HP Image Viewer (that choice
is grayed out). I shut down all HP processes and tried doubleclicking
Hposcv07.exe in hopes of bringing up the Image Viewer from outside
Kodak Imaging. I was hoping that Save-As would be accessible.
However, I only got the "Preparing to Scan" message window, and the
hard disk spun forever.

This problem only occured after I replaced my HDD, which is now NTFS
instead of FAT 32. I have followed all pertinent HP web pages,
opening up full control to to "Everyone" on all specified directories and
registry keys. I spent a week full-time trying to troubleshoot this, often
with HP staff, on the phone and via email. Frankly, I don't think the
solution is covered by the HP knowledgebase. If anyone else has this
problem, could you please post so that I know whether it is just my
system? If you found something that fixes it, please consider sharing
your experience. I posted nearly a year ago, with no response; I'm
wondering if things have changed.