There's a new TOM SWIFT group, and you're invited!

Remember this thought provoking youth science and technology fiction series?
Here is the place to meet others that were fans also. The address:

We would like to invite you all to join a new Tom Swift discussion list,
launched this month:
This is a friendly gathering place for fans of any or all of the 5 Tom Swift
Series written over the last century under the pen name Victor Appleton. Any
aspects of the books and related materials are fair game, including
discussions of the stories, collecting, fanfic, model building, historical
and scientific context and anything that might be of interest to "science
minded boys" of all ages.

It is our intent to keep this as open a list as possible with only enough
moderation by diverse group of moderators to maintain a friendly
environment. Polite and civil debate is welcomed and encouraged.

Thanks Ed Sharpe archivist for SMECC

Please check our web site at
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buy, and by all means when in Arizona drop in and see us.


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