Experience report with HP Media center PC m7434n:
Bottom line first: DO NOT BUY IT! It is a piece of junk!

In June I bought a HP computer thinking a well known company like HP,
would deliver at least a working system. Well the joke was on me.
On delivery the system had a pre-installed XP Media center 2005, which
was not very good but I knew that before hand. The 250 GB hard drive
was in one partition plus a recovery partition. Gracefully HP allowed
me to create a small data partition, I think it was 40 GB (ever tried
to back up 200GB!). So I had to find me some partitioning software that
would not touch my system partition - a big Thanks to the Linux
Now I have to mention that I am not a real upgrade junkie - so my
printer and scanner were older models USB 1.1 connections. My system
was working to my liking now. The AMD 4200+ processor, the SATA drives
all fine. Then came the first disturbance when I plugged my wife's
MP3 player (USB 2.0) into one of the front USB ports. The system would
not recognize it. OK, sometime MP3 players are stubborn so I tried a
USB stick - NO GO! Sure a call to support would clear the problem,
the web site did not offer any help beside the standard stuff (remove
USB Hubs - reinstall etc.). They suggested to update the BIOS which
was up to date, download and install chipset drivers from their web
site. After that my USB Ports (on the motherboard) showed erratic
When I plugged in a USB2 stick it took about 3 minutes until the system
recognized that there was a device connected to the system, then it
opened that drive to the root folder (normal) and the file and folder
names showed up all garbled with strange characters in the names (not
the 8.3 tilde). To make a long story short I installed a expansion
board to access USB 2 devices. HP suggested bringing the system to a HP
Authorized Service
Provider, we are stationed in Europe and European providers would not
do. So I was supposed to send the system to the US and hope and pray.
Not feasible! After back and forth emails I now decided to scrap the
whole system - went out bought a new motherboard (next problem 9'x
9' format) installed it, reinstalled my old Windows XPPro now
everything works great except for all the HP stuff that came with the
system - However nothing that can not be substituted with different
and better software!
In essence this was the first and LAST pre-built system that I will
ever buy! I have learnt my lesson Big Name does NOT mean anything.