I just installed Insight Manager 5.0 with sp5. We have about 30 servers
deployed and only one is reporting an error.

I am getting an error from a server that says the Integrated Management
Log has errors in its list. So I go to the System Management
Homepage->Ingtegrated Management Log and try and clear the log. There
are three options:

Clear Selected Items as Repaired
Mark All Items as Repaired
Clear All Items

None of these clears the logs at all. It even ask me me to verify that
I really want to do this. I say yes and nada....The logs remain the

Meanwhile Insight Manager is putting up a ugly orange triangle on the
monitor that my boss keeps asking about.

I tried uninstalling agents and installed the latest Software Support
Pack, rebooting, etc.

The Server is a ML350 G3 running Windows Server 2003.

The boss is still asking.