Hello. Today, while working on my HP D530, my machine rebooted and
gave me a beep code when it tried to boot back up. 5 beeps (along with
red light). HP site says (
"Pre-video memory error.
Power LED blinks red five times, once a second, followed by a two
second pause, and five simultaneous beeps are sounded

Reseat the DIMMs in the memory slots on the system board, then power on
the system.
Replace the DIMMs one at a time to isolate the faulty module.
Replace 3rd-party memory with HP memory.
Replace the system board.* "

Well, I removed and reseated the memory. No change.
I have no other memory available.
But, here is a couple things to note:
1-Before the "crash", my video flipped out on me. REAL low color and
low screen resolution.
2-I waited about an hour after the crash (OK, I cooled off) and when I
came back, it booted up fine. It stayed up for about 10 minutes or so
and then... CRASH! 5 beeps again.

Any ideas? I really don't want to do a system board replacement unless
I have to.