I'd like to buy a new laptop and the pavilion dv9000 familly looks

In order to be sure, I'd like to have more information concerning the
following points:
- What is the version of the HDMI output: it is 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3?
- What is the maximal resolution supported by the VGA output?
- Can the express card slot also support the old format PCMCIA? (I do
not believe it, but it's not sure)
- What is the working time you obtained with the included battery?? I
mean this for a normal usage for office applications: not for gaming.
- Does the battery loose fast it's capacity: for example after 20
recharges, only 80 % available. How are the battery olding?
- How occurs the upgrade to VISTA? Is there any media given by HP to
make the upgrade?
- Did someone already tried to install Linux on it? How does it worked?
Which distribution can be used?
- For the remote control of the media center, is the extra external
grey box really necessary? Is it possible to use the internal infrared
system in order to have all integrated in one device?
- Did you tried the HP Express Card Digital TV Tuner?? Is there any
output for the card
- Does HP consider the recuperation of the old product? They are making
a large CSR initiative, but how does it happens for such small device
like a notebook?
- The new pavilion DV9100 is already coming, is it worth to wait for
it, what are the differences?

Last question: what could be a comparable laptop, notebook for about
the same price with an HMDI port?
Thanks in advance.