I've got new HP CLJ 2840 all-in-one and two separate problems:

1. Windows XP Pro SP2 + IE7: it's impossible to install provided
software in normal mode. No scan, no fax, no print utilities, just
printer drivers (minimal installation). How to install some utilities
from CD separately? I guess that HP Toolbox crashes Windows during

2. How to limit network printing to some IP addresses (using embedded
print server)? I want no additional firewall, no print queue server etc.
I'm also using old HP CLJ 8500DN with jetdirect server. It allows for
access limiting on address basis. No one told me that HP 2840 is just
silly intranet printer for small workgroups.

HP "specialists" say "No way to do it. Wait for software upgrades or
write complaint email". Please, help me or I'll find your unprotected
jetdirect printers and print some garbage on your devices everyday;-)

Best regards

PS nospam in email for known reason