Hi guys,

I tried to find a more appropriate group to place this post in, but
couldn't find one, so please forgive me if this is misplaced, and guide
me to the appropriate group if one exists.

I've been having a weird issue with my Pavillion m7480, in which
Windows Update seems to be causing a lockup. The mouse pointer will
move, but all processes stop and their memory activity stops in the
Task Manager. After a very long series of steps (fully detailed on my
blog at
http://essentialgeek.blogspot.com/20...of-errors.html), we
determined that the offending program is Windows Update.

Restoring the system from the Recovery CDs doesn't seem to resolve the
issue. HP Support seems insistant that issuing new CDs will solve the

Has anyone else had this issue, or anything like it?


Mike Hofer