Page B-5 of
implies that the HP 1955 LCD Monitor will support only 60/75 Hz at
1280x1024, even though other parts of the document imply it'll support
anything from 56 to 76 Hz, and don't get me started on those supposedly
configurable user modes - I couldn't find anything on-line about how to
use them, and HP Tech Support's been no help either :^(

The Apollo's trying to drive it at 72 Hz/78 kHz, both supposedly within
the specs of the monitor, but it displays an "input signal out of
range" message (cluttering up my screen), yet the display itself looks
OK. It also keeps going into sleep mode, though I have it turned off.
Finally, the menu button won't work unless I hold it for 20+ seconds,
and I can't toggle to the Windows Analog DVI input (which works OK)
with the +/- buttons unless I select it as the default input. (The
Unix input is Analog VGA with synch-on-green turned on.)

Sure sounds like a software bug to me; I've been trading e-mails with
HP Tech Support and also blew 45 minutes on the phone to them (half of
that on hold), and both of them kept telling me I needed to change the
driver to match the monitor's "native mode" (i.e., 60 Hz). Then what's
with the 15 factory preset modes?

Based on poking through their web site, it looks like all of their LCD
User Guides say the same thing about the configurable User Modes - they
exist, but no info on how to access them :^(

I pointed this out to the Tech Support person, but she stuck to her
"this applies to the PC, not the Monitor" line :^(

Anybody know how to enter these secret User Modes, and can I use them
to set my Monitor up to take this oddball Unix video output?


Ron Bauerle