I recently picked up an old HP cabinet off eBay containing a HP 9000
G50 and a SCSI RAID storage unit. The cabinet also has a PDU on the
back, with a BNC connector marked 'Remote Shutdown'.

I've had a good look around, but I haven't been able to find any
information on this, aside from a thread in comp.sys.hp that seems to
discuss a remote shutdown connector on the back of a server itself. My
hope is that this is a BNC network connection that lets you
individually control the PDU sockets, which would be very neat. The
impression I got from the other thread was that this was not the case,
but I am open to information to the contrary.

The PDU part number is A1001-67903, and I've put a photo of the PDU up
at http://patrick.labyrinthdata.net.au/09112006084.jpg [377kB]. Sorry
for the awful quality.

Any information would be much appreciated.