Hello, all.
I have a 4350 laser which is set for each tray to have mediatype "any", but
occasionally, our documents stop printing (requiring intervention at the
printer control panel) and we find that the printer has tray 4 set to media
type "plain". This seems to be cause by a windows print job (none of the
jobs sent from Linux, which are postscript, change the printer), although
finding the specific job causing the change is difficult.

Is this possible, or are the users lying (House: Everybody lies) when they
say that thy've not changed the settings, which I am inclined tohp believe
as theres no good reason for them to changed the settings. Alternatively,
perhaps the printer is getting reset to factory defaults - perhaps by a
windows driver?

In any event, is it possible to change the settings on the printer by either
PCL or PJL commands?

Graham Nicholls
Rock Computer Consultancy:
Anything's possible!

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