HP might want you to think their low end printers are disposable, but,
states do have laws covering warranties, etc. You might also want to
contact a lawyer, and at the very least, take HP to small claims
court. IF you feel this isn't enough, you might get a lawyer to push
for a regular civil trial (breach of contract, etc).

I guess i've been lucky. I've bought a Compaq desktop and a Gateway
laptop from BB. Both w/o any major problems. And I am getting ready
to purchase another HP desktop this weekend from BB (along with a LCD
monitor and maybe additional RAM). And no, I haven't bought any
extended warranty.

Onr thing that irks me about HP, esp with their color inkjet devices,
is that no where does it state that you should print something in
color at least once a month to prevent the cart.and jet(s) from
clogging. And replacing the jets (all 4 of them) isn't cheap.