I bought a Scanjet 4370 and have severe problems installing it.
When I connected it to a Fedora Core machine, it recognizes a USB
device. Xsane however, doesn't detect a scanner. This appears to be due
to a missing back-end (driver) for the 4370 model.
When I connected it to a Windows 2000 machine, nothing happens at all.
According to the installation manual, I have to first install the HP
software, then during the install upon request connect the scanner.
First, I had it connected via USB-hub connected to USB-hub: no scanner
is detected. Then I connected it to the first USB-hub, but that doesn't
work either (all other devices on both first and second UBS-hub are
When I connected the scanner by either power or USB, the scanner reacts
by moving the scanner-light, so at least it's not the interface that's
Dead on arrival.

Any suggestions on what to do before going back to the store?