A friend of ours just got an HP DV5224nr laptop, and she is having
trouble with the "Quickplay" volume control buttons. She said that they
have stopped working. She's called into HP tech support, and they had
her do something (sorry, I don't have exact details right now) and the
buttons started working again, but then stopped working awhile later.

I've suggested that she wait a couple of days (she purchased the laptop
2 days ago, and has had to re-set it with tech support twice already)
and see if they stop working again, but then if they did stop working
again, she should probably return the unit and try another one.

I can try to find out exactly what support had her do, but she's not
very technical, and she's not local either, but I was wondering if this
is a common problem with these laptops, or if anyone knows if this might
be a defective unit?