Hello, all:

After trying to remove the hard disk from a ze5470us and noticing I was
bending the hard disk mounting frame I found this helpful piece of
information from an older post (see below). I tried what was stated on
the web page for this model and it worked great. The only problem was
the hard disk is mounted differently and I could not see the drive or
the mounting screws after performing steps 2-4.

So, I am posting this to help anyone who wants to replace/upgrade their
hard disk. The ze5470us is simple"

1. Remove the two VISIBLE screws under the case locking switch under
the unit. If ou look you will see the screws marked with the hard disk
2. This was the stickler and, while marked, I did not treat the arrow
in its context. There is a rubber "foot" under the case lock. Use a
flat head screwdriver to remove this. The third and final screw to
remove the drive is there. Uncrew and remove.
3. Pull the plastic that you released. The drive slides out easily.

Reading the information on the site below helped greatly in looking
under the rubber foot. Easy step but I was missing it.

Remove Hard Drive from Pavillion n5170
Ron Schuster wrote:
> There is a procedure to disassemble an HP Pavilion notebook computer at
> http://www.cif.rochester.edu/~greg/h..._n5430_disasse....

BTW, if all you need to do is replace the hard drive you can skip step
in that procedure (remove all visible screws). To get to the hard drive

you just need to remove the keyboard, which is steps 2 through 4.