I posted a reply a few weeks ago about a product I decided to try tha
was advertised as a"motherboard replacement workaround"
It's an all-in-one media cable equipped with a jack

I wanted to provide a quick update on its success. So far, it'
powered my laptop perfectly. I haven't had any power failures o
lapses. I can say that, at least for the time being, the product i
working wonderfully and I am so glad that I have not had, as of yet
to purchase a new motherboard (I am not in any position to work on m
computer myself).

Ken has said that this product may not in fact be a permanen
solution. I keep this failure in mind as a possibility. However, i
you are seeing symptoms of the jack problem, can't fix your compute
yourself, and can't at the time being afford to replace th
motherboard, I suggest using this media cable with the caveat that i
may not be a permanent solution.

It's not marketed by HP anymore, but you can find it sold ver
inexpensively (about $20-$25). If I start to see signs that thi
cable is failing in a similar fashion, I'll provide another update