For the many posts that have expressed frustration I make this
contribution. I too was equally frustrated after spending many hours
attempting to install a new Maxtor SATA drive in my Pavilion 630n (the
original drive failed). After approaching the task from every possible
angle using the 19 years of experience working in the field I resolved
myself to chat online with a HP support technician. The chat session
(partial transcript below) was very enlightening as it revealed that HP
motherboards utilize a proprietary disk management partition. Basically
without the partition you cannot install XP even from the HP System
Recovery CD's (which also do not contain the disk management software).
The end of the matter is if you have a hard disk go bad in an HP
Pavilion you MUST use an HP authorized service center as the disk
management software is not publicly available. So regardless of whether
your system is under warranty or not you must pay HP to have it fixed.
Your other option is to purchase a replacement non-HP motherboard.

Any attempts to install XP (even via the recovery CD's) on a drive
without the disk management partition will result in file copy errors.
At various points during the XP installation the install will hang
indicating that a particular file could not be copied. The end result
is the OS will not load successfully.

Partial HP Transcript:

J: checking hold on
J: it is out of warranty I know that
Ralph S: In that case you may need to take the computer to a nearest
authorized service center.
J: did that and they could not figure it out (Best Buy)
J: about 6 months ago I had a similar problem and they replaced the
main board
J: now I am having the same problem again??
J: are these machines problematic?
Ralph S: You may need to take the computer to a HP Authorized service
provider so that they install a utilities in your computer and resolve
the issue.
J: what utilities? are they not on the restore CD's
Ralph S: No, they can be installed by the authorized service provider.
J: would you suspect the main board it light of the symptoms?
J: it light of it being out of warranty would I be better off just
getting a new machine or main board?
Ralph S: You can get a new motherboard.
J: I have been reading similar problems online with other Pavilion
J: seems like a weak line of machines
J: no real explaination of why this issue repeats itself
J: have you seen this issue with other customers
Ralph S: No we have not seen this issue, this issue happened because
DMI utility is not installed in the new harddisk.
J: the restore CD's don't install the util?
Ralph S: No, they will not install the DMI utility.
J: can I download?
Ralph S: Sorry for the delay.
Ralph S: The utility is not available for download.
J: so basically a hard disk cannot successfuly be installed into an HP
Pavilion without using a service provider
J: because of the DIM util?
Ralph S: Yes. You are correct.
Ralph S: It is a disk management utility.
J: WOW, that stinks - really restricts your customer base wouldn't you
Ralph S: I do understand. The HP authorized provider can install this
utility in your computer.
J: yeah for $$ - so basically an individual cannot repqir their own
machine when it is out of warranty
Ralph S: yes, it can be rectified you need to install the DMI utility,
however only HP authorized service provider could do it. Once you take
the system to them they would install it.,
J: okay, thx for your candid responses Ralph. It has been very
enlightening yet sad
Ralph S: I understand, However I spoke my supervisor if you are ready
to send the system back to HP, we could install it and send it to you.
Is this fine to you?
J: the whole system or just the hard disk?
Ralph S: We need the whole system without any additional cards you have
J: what would be the charge?
Ralph S: We would do it free of cost.
Ralph S: Is it fine to you?
J: I am checking since this is my brother-in-laws machine, stand by
Ralph S: Okay.
Ralph S: Jay, are you with me?
J: yes
J: sorry that took so long
J: he is running a business with this machine so he cannot afford the
J: if I replace the motherboard I should not see this issue any longer
J: the DMI util is specific to HP system boards?
Ralph S: Okay. I understand however this is the only option we have ,
so that we could take the system back and work on it to get it perfect.
J: the DMI util is specific to HP system boards correct?
Ralph S: Yes, DMI is specific to HP .I would suggest you to consult
with any HP Authorized service provide for replacing the motherboard ,
as they could offer to install the DMI utility with out installing a
new board itself
J: undertood, thx for all your support!