If anybody could recommend on what to do with my situation that woul
be great. My power jack on my Pavilion zv5120us notebook had starte
acting up and I decided to try my hand at some repair work and open i
up. I took everything apart acording to the service manual an
stripped it down to the motherboard. The power jack solderin
connections had come undone and I tried to resolder part of it, bu
there was one connection I couldn't get to. So I put it bac
together and I'll be damned if now the screen wasn't turning on. Th
computer powered up fine, but no screen. The resoldering had somewha
fixed the power problem (not as much tension needed on the adapter)
but still not what it should be. I tried connecting to an externa
monitor and still nothing came up. I talked to a Staples employe
and he said that the mother board was probably bad and needed to b
replaced. This would cost upwards of $500. Now, I have some skil
and was able to disassemble and reassemble my computer and the mothe
board just looked like an easily exchanged part. Should I find
mother board for cheaper and do it myself or just shell out the $500
Or is the problem something else? Any info would be much appreciated