Open up the Run box, type in MSCONFIG, look for the name of the HP Director, and
remove it.

You can also download and run HIJACKTHIS , a broader reaching program that looks
at more things that start up and have an effect on the overall computing
environment... Ben Myers

On Tue, 13 Dec 2005 13:00:17 GMT, "RichG" wrote:

>Windows XP....I have a new HP PSC 1410 which works well...BUT...after I
>installed it, my start up process grinds slowly until the HP Director is
>opened. I close the program immediately, but that is AFTER the fact. How
>can I get this program OUT of my startup process? I don't mind waiting for
>it to load if I have to do some printing job..but it is really slowing down
>everything else everytime I re-start. I've looked around in Control Panel
>but I don't see a place where it could be easily eliminated.
>Thanks --
>RichG manager, Carolina Skiff Owners Group on MSN