I have the following problem (started a few weeks ago). The Officejet
starts printing slowly, stops and "thinks" between text lines.
This happens also in simple text documents, when the PC connected to
the printer has no other open applications at all (straight after a
but it only happens when sent to print from the network.
Its a peer to peer network of Win2k machines, all with Sp4, all
updates, min. 10GB free disk space and 256MB RAM, 2GB permanent
swapfile. the central machine has the officejet connected via USB and
shared on the network (it has 512MB RAM). I tried rebooting all
machines, deleting all temp files and checking for viruses/malwares.
The network printing worked fine up to a few weeks ago and no major
changes were made.
The driver version is 2.43 (and has been for the last 2 years). I
upgraded to 2.50 about a year ago but went back bacause it was less