Here is the scenario:

New PC, XP Home w/SP2, HP PSC 950 AIO printer scanner.

I select a picture from the my pictures folder, then open with Windows
Picture and Fax Viewer. Then choose to print from there and use the Wizard.
At this point I choose 4 pictures from the thumbnails window and then choose
the sheet where I can print the 4 pictures on an A4 sheet.

Then begin printing. The first 2 pictures are on the sheet correctly and
nicely spaced but the printer then prints about half of the remaining 2
pictures then the sheet comes out of the printer as if it completes without

What I end up with is an A4 sheet with 2 pictures at the top, then the next
2 pictures cutoff halfway through. So the sheet has about 3/4 print on it
with a huge gap at the bottom.

Now repeat this using any of my Epson A4 printers and it prints perfectly. I
assume that the wizard should do the resizing so the HP should output just
as the Epson does.

Both printers have latest drivers, 'out of the box' settings, and the paper
is set to A4 (UK) on both.

Any ideas?