Seems incredible, but could it be that in HP's altruistic zeal to
expand its charitable and humanitatian world relief operations branch
(the inkjets...) they have gone a bit over the wild edge, (maybe some
top manager threw the wrong R&D memo into the bin?)

Read this in a Chinese supplier ad for a continuous inking system:

(bear with the average english..)

If you have any trouble in [c_hip] resetting,the problem maybe is as

1.The data of the Inkjet printer nozzle is reach to its initiatory
2.The chips are not connected well with the printer,or c_hips don't
funtion and there is blot on the c_hips.
3.The printer doesn't work normally or expire its usage lifetime,and so

could it be true? "usage liftime expired, buy a new printer with new
chips that haven't been cracked yet every 3 years?"