I having the same problem with lightscribe CDs. I've got a new HP
Pavilion with the HP Lightscribe DVD burner in it (HP DVD recorder
840b) and I was going crazy with TDK lightscribe CDs - none of my
software programs that were lightscribe label capable would recognize
them as lightscibe CDs - "not a lightscribe disk or needs cleaning" .
I've installed HP lightscribe updates but it made no difference. When
I popped in the one HP brand lightscribe CD that came with the
computer - no problem - the label was created with no errors. You
didn't say if the disks you had were HP brand or something else. I
wish I could use these TDK CDs but right now I'm back to a marker for

On 29 May 2005 10:57:20 -0700, "Ryan" wrote:

>I hope someone can help.
>We have a package of 10 Lightscribe DVD+R disks that we have been using
>to back up data and movie files.
>All is well except for TWO of these DVD disks. We insert them for
>labeling and the software claims there is a "Lightscribe Engine Error"
>and that this is not a lightscibe disk, it is not label side down OR
>needs cleaning.
>This IS a brand new lightscribe DVD that is label side down and doesn't
>need any cleaning. It's brand new out of the package with no visable
>marks on the label side at all. We've wiped it with a soft cloth, no
>Does anyone else have this problem? These disks are NOT cheap and to
>have Lightscribe simply refuse to label certain ones for no reason is
>not acceptable.
>We SOMETIMES can get it to write if we keep inserting the same disk
>over and over, but not always.