Ok people, I have an HP desktop..for approx 2 years...only cost 500, +
55 in a memory upgrade, and it has been a great product...no

I bought an HP Pavilion ZV6100 series, based on 3 things..1)similar
features at comparable prices to other Manufacturers' products, but
it came with a free printer and carrying case...2)I had a good
experience with the desktop..3)I purchased a Toshiba Satellite about
3 years ago, for 1100.00. It last for 1 1/2 years before the
motherboard burned out. Prior, I only dealt with used laptops..a
166mhz MICRON...sucker lasted forever.

My point to all of this, is that E.V.E.R.Y manufacturer has skeletons
in the closet, and while I relate to the frustration of spending
hundreds of dollars to buy a laptop, only to have it crap out, I am
here to let you know it runs the spectrum, not just HP. Take for
example very similar concerns about Toshiba laptops, and also the
mention of a 'class action lawsuit' regarding Toshiba, at this very
similar website:


It's not just HP. People who have problems with products from any
company, group together online and seek each other out. If you have
a product, and take it for granted day after day, you are less likely
to post anything. Why take the time?

Also, since HP sold 8,000,000 laptops last year, divide 100,000 laptop
complaints by 8,000,000 and it comes to only 1% of the laptops they
sell...so by far, this is on par with other sectors of products.

I'm praying my HP notebook lasts like the desktop, but sometimes life
isn't fair...like with my Toshiba crapper.

Good luck.