Hey Intelligence,

We got a problem. We have four workstations (workgroup, NOT domain).
All are P4 2.8Ghz or greater (512Mb minumum), Windows XP Professional
All workstations are sitting off a wireless access point (Dlink
DWL-2000+), which provides them access to the internet and printers.

We have recently purchased a HP LJ Colour 2820.

First time round it installed ok. We had one little problem.
We couldn't print!, BUt HP Support said to alter the port tab (in
printer config) to the ip address of the printer instead of the Port
name. It worked. no problems!


We tried to use a little button on top of the scanner which is called
"SCAN TO" it enables one to scan documents straight to the workstation.
Great! THis is why we bought it!

However when we pressed the little button and selected a workstation
(manually preconfigured), an error would appear on the screen of the
computer we wanted to recieve images, and it would say something to the
effect of it had trouble initialising scanner etc. and something about
a communication issue.

Things I noticed:
1.) The HP device can talk to the computer (thus the error would not
2.) The Computer can print to the HP Device.
3.) The HP Device can scan and copy, in black and colour, but the "SCAN
TO" function results in the above mentioned error on the said computer.

4.) The computer gets an error if it tries to use a TWAIN type scan
(say in paintbrush). Very similar to the one seen when using scanTO.
5.) All software firewalls have been disabled.
6.) All antivirus software has been disabled.
7.) All anti-spyware software has been uninstalled.

As a result we uninstalled the software and tried to reinstall. It
worked but then all of a sudden on all the computers we started seeing,

During the install all went well until it asked you how you want to
connect to the printer..

We say NOT USB, but lets connect DIRECT via the network.
Ok, lets scan it says. WOW we found the HP Device.. it declares.. (it
even displays the Ip address of the HP Device).

We say: thats the one we want. Click next to accept. WAIT WAIT WAIT.
then when you think it will go to the next stage GUESS WHAT! It goes
back to the start of the wizard.. THE LOOP. Now we have to decide how
we are going to connect to the HP Device ... ALL OVER AGAIN.

This is rediculous and we can't get past it short of cancelling the
software install.

HP doesnt know what to do, they can't figure it out, this is week 2,
without any progress..

Anyone with ideas? A breif summary of the problem is listed below.

1.) we can't use the SCANTO function
2.) We can't reinstall the software.

Cheers and Thankyou in advance,

Josh Mitchell