I just finished a clean install of Windows XP on a HP Pavilion DV4005US, the problem is when I insert a DVD or Audio CD into the drive, the CD/DVD doesn’t playback properly in any application (iToons, MusicMatch, Windows Media Player), the Playback is just like an Internet stream that is not able to buffer enough of the file.The only way I can play an audio CD back is to go into Windows Media Player\Tools\Options\Divices\ and choose the CD Drive Properties and change the Playback and Rip
Settings to Analog. This will allow me to hear the CD properly in Windows Media Player but not in any other program.

I’ve installed the most recent Firmware for the CD\DVD and in Device Manager I’ve changed the drive, driver properties to no longer “Enable digital CD audio for the CD-ROM device” but that has had no effect…everything else in the system is working properly and I didn’t have any problem loading software from the drive… I also was able to copy a CD to the Hard Drive with iToons and the sound is just fine on the MP3’s that were created.

Any help would be appreciated - Thanks in advance – CES

FYI – The CD\DVD Rom is a TEAC DW-224E-B
I know it's not an issue with the Hardware because I've swapped out the Hard drive with the original System configuration and the Playback is fine.