I was able to get Quake 3 to run on this machine when the game first
came out, and that was with all the graphic options turned to the least
demanding settings.
I've changed things in the computer over the years, but the game always
worked. After the last reformat and re-installation, I've had trouble
with it. I did install all the updates and patches (including BIOS
update) from the HP web-site, as well as DirectX 9.0c.
The game wouldn't run, kept getting error message that it couldn't load
GL subsystem.
This model Pavilion has an onboard ATI Rage Pro 8 MB video chip. I
downloaded a driver for this directly from ATI, and the game worked.
However, the new driver would only let me choose from 4 screen
resolution sizes (and each of the 4 could be 16 or 32 bit) for the
desktop, and the only one that functioned (or that my monitor supported)
was 640x480, which is pretty miserable for web-browsing and word processing.
Does anyone have any tips about how to get this working?
I know the computer is "ancient", but I had it networked with 2 others
so I can play Quake 3 deathmatch with my kids.